2019 Ph.D. (expected), Sociology, Baylor University

2016 M.A., Sociology, Baylor University

2014 M.S., Sociology, the University of Texas at San Antonio

2011 B.A., Sociology, the University of Texas at San Antonio

Areas of Research Interest

Sociology of Religion

Political Sociology

Comparative-Historical Sociology

Human Rights



Social movements


Other Publications

Park, Jerry Z. and Kenneth Vaughan. 2018. “State of the Field of Korean American Religion.” chapter in edited volume on Korean Americans edited by Shelley Lee and Rachael Joo.

Froese, Paul, Jeremy Uecker, and Kenneth Vaughan. 2017. “Core Values.” Chapter in press release Findings from the Baylor Religion Survey Wave 5: American Values, Mental Health, and Using Technology in the Age of Trump.

Park, Jerry Z., W. Matthew Henderson, Kenneth Vaughan, Tricia Bruce, and Stephen Cherry. 2015. “Asian Pacific Islander Catholics in the United States: A Preliminary Report.”

Professional Experience

2014-Present Teaching Assistant, Baylor University

  - Nominated for three Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards.

2013-2014 Graduate Assistant, the University of Texas at San Antonio

2012-2013 English as a Second Language Teacher, Meidi Caiwen Agency, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

2012-2014 English as a Second Language Teacher, METEN English, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China and United States

2011-2012 Substitute Teacher, Northeast Independent School District, San Antonio, Texas

2009 English as a Second Language Teacher, Bukhu Elementary School, Andong, South Korea

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Vaughan, Kenneth. 2018. “Who Benefits from Consociationalism? Religious Disparities in Lebanon’s Political System.” Religions.

Andersson, Matthew A. and Kenneth Vaughan. 2017. “Health Returns to Education by Family Socioeconomic Origins: Results from Europe Across Multiple Outcomes and Childhood Indicators.” Social Science & Medicine – Population Health.

Media and Citations

Vaughan, Kenneth. 2018. “Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Attitudes toward Democracy: What Role Does Religion Play?” Religion, Populism, and Pluralism Conference, Yale University, New Haven, CT.

Vaughan, Kenneth. 2017. “Theocrats and Democrats: Who Benefits from Arab Spring Revolution?” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Washington D.C.

Park, Jerry Z. and Vaughan, Kenneth R. 2017. “Considering religion questions in the East Asian Surveys using the Korean General Social Survey as an example.” Presented at the Survey Research and the Study of Religion in East Asian conference at the Pew Research Center

Vaughan, Kenneth R. 2016. “Who Benefits from Consociationalism? Evidence from the Arab Barometer Survey of Lebanon.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Atlanta, GA.

Research on Religion Podcast. 2018. Kenneth Vaughan on Consociationalism, Religion, and Lebanon (and more)

Network of Experts Working on the Social Dimension of Education and Training. 2018. Citation in 2017 report "The role of education for social inequality in

modern societies (with a special perspective

on EU Member States)"

Conference Presentations

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